1GE GPON ONU Stick SFP SFU Splitter SFP SC Module FTTH White 3.3V DC ZISA

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZISA
Certification: CE
Model Number: OP151S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 60-67USD
Packaging Details: box 1kg
Delivery Time: 5-8weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000PCS
Detail Information
Product Name: ZISA 1GE GPON STICK Application: FTTH
Color: WHITE Type: ONU
Warranty: 1 YEAR Certification: CE
Power: 3.3V DC
High Light:





sfp sc module 3.3V DC

Product Description

ZISA OP151S 1GE GPON SFU SFP stick module Gpon splitter FTTH solution
The OP151S SFP GPON ONU stick module has been designed for FTTx applications. OP151S is an GPON ONU device designed with the ITU-T G984 standard . It is a cost-effective GPON customer premise system and can provide 1244Mbps upstream / 2488Mbps downstream Broad-band services by connecting subscriber’s switches or routers. As compared to other broadband access technologies such as xDSL and cable modem, Passive Optical Network (PON) technology offers some competitive advantages, including a long-term life expectancy of the fiber infrastructure, lower operating costs through the reduction of “active” components, greater distance support between equipment nodes, and most importantly, much greater bandwidth. Well satisfying the high speed access demand, GPON has a more prosperous perspective.
OP151S provides the core functionality of an ITU-T G984.5 GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) . In addition, the device also offers some advanced functions such as DBA,AES, FEC, PLOAM,OMCI. A powerful Network Processor is provided to allow for traffic prioritiza-tion, local address filtering, and statistics gathering. A dedicated processor provides management control and responds to in-band OAM commands and Host Interface messages for configuration and statistics gathering. By means of configuring personal variables accordingly, the customer can get a device that will fit various application very well.

  •  Single fiber Bi-directional with 2488Mb/s Downstream.
  •  Single fiber Bi-directional with 1244Mb/s Upstream
  •  1310nm DFB Burst Mode Laser
  •  1490nm CW Mode Receiver
  •  Optical link measurement and diagnosis
  •  Downstream AES decryption
  •  Highly flexible 802.1Q VLAN support
  •  Single 3.3V DC supply
  •  SFP Package Outline
  •  Single Fiber, Full Duplex Operation
  •  SC/UPC or SC/APC Optical Connector
  •  2X10 Electrical SFP Connector
  •  Operating Temperature Range:

Industrial : -40 to 85 ºC

Commercial : 0 to 70 ℃

  •  Power Consumption < 2w
  •  RoHs Compliance
  •  Supporting 1000BASE-X/2500BASE-X /SGMII/HSGMII interface


Absolute Maximum Ratings
Storage Ambient TemperatureTstg-40+85ºC

Exceeding the Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause irre-versible damage to the device.
The device is not intended to be operated under the condition of simultaneous Absolute Maximum Ratings, a condition which may cause irreversible damage to the device.

Relative Humidity - StorageRHS095%
Relative Humidity - OperatingRHO580%
Module Supply VoltageVCCGND3.6V
Tx_DIS Logic LOW StateTx_DISL00.8V
Tx_FAULT Logic HIGH StateTx_FaultH2.4-VLVTTL (Open Collector/Drain)
Tx_FAULT Logic LOW StateTx_FaultL-0.4V
Rx_LOS Logic HIGH StateRx_LOSH2.4-VLVTTL (Open Collector/Drain)
Rx_LOS Logic LOW StateRx_LOSL-0.4V


Recommended Operating Conditions
Operating Case TemperatureTCASE02570ºCTemperature = C
-402585ºCTemperature = I
Module Supply VoltageVCC3.1353.33.465V 
Module Supply Current (Tx and Rx)IIN-550-MA 
Module Power ConsumptionPD--2W 
Optical upstream Data RateBR-1244-Mbps 
Optical downstream Data RateBR-2488-Mbps 



  •  Home Gateway
  •  Network switch,router and MDU

Providing pluggable GPON ONU function for Ethernet Switch, Router, Home gateway & other customer premises equipment

1GE GPON ONU Stick SFP SFU Splitter SFP SC Module FTTH White 3.3V DC ZISA 0

Q1. ZISA product the quality of products.
A: As the top class total solution provider and productive service provider, we provide high quality of service to Tier1 Telco customer and Vendors. With the genius design and software customization expertise, we can leverage the best service to our customers. ZISA Product quality is same as Huawei and ZTE, and ZISA has complete product line.
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Q2. ZISA after-sales service.
A:ZISA has complete software and hardware research and development. Provide reqiurment development, bug modify and 24h on-line support. For significant customers, ZISA can send technician to support.
Q3. Ways of cooperation with ZISA.
A :ZISA welcome integrator or agent to agent ZISA product. If agent has enough advantages in the market, ZISA appoint you ZISA sole agent.
Q4. About factory visit.
A :ZISA welcome significant customers to visit ZISA factory. Please make an appointment in two weeks.
Q5. About product pricing.
A :ZISA only publish sample price. The price of different agent and OEM customer is secret. ZISA gives specific price for significant projects and customers. Besides, ZISA only provide goods to agent in agent area.
1GE GPON ONU Stick SFP SFU Splitter SFP SC Module FTTH White 3.3V DC ZISA 1

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